Our qualified Powerco Approved Line Mechanics have the experience and knowledge to bring you quality results.

What we can do for you:

  • New house connections
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Subdivisions – from design to completion
  • Power Line Maintenance – upgrades to tired power lines
  • Alteration to existing power setup – going from Overhead to Underground supply
  • Fault response service for private faults
  • Power disconnections for safety when water blasting, painting or replacement of barge boards.
  • Street lighting
  • And much more…

Our staff are trained in Traffic Management Training, we have Traffic Controllers and STMS, so you know the traffic management for your job will run smoothly.

At PRSL we have a very robust and strict Health and Safety system, and our employees will always be compliant with all Powerco and PRSL policies.

In the office Melissa and Koriann are working hard to make sure that they can help you with any questions you may have. They will process your job applications with Powerco in a timely and efficient manner, and will liase with Powerco and our clients on any conditions that have to be meet.

Power Lines, Power Pole and Hardware Assessments

PRSL can provide a detailed assessment of your power lines, poles and hardware and where necessary a quotation to carry out remedial works.

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How To Arrange A New Power Connection On Powerco’s Network

Only specifically approved contractors like PRSL are allowed to connect new lines or cables to Powerco poles or pillars.

To connect to Powerco’s Network:
1. Contact your Power Retailer to sign up with them and give them the address details.
2. Give us a call, we will need to know the address details for the property (just like the retailer) and also the size of the electrical load you are going to connect.

If you need help to work out the size of the load your electrician should be able to help. Having a close relationship with local electricians in the Wairarapa, we are able to work together to get the job done, removing the hassles and answering the questions in a quick efficient manner.

We will design the best power construction suited to your needs and give you a quote for the cost. We will also obtain approval from Powerco for the proposed design concept, and notify you if Powerco have any special requirements, such as easements or any other approval conditions.

3. Once you have told us to start work, we will let Powerco know, Powerco will create a new ICP for the connection and send it us and to your nominated retailer. We will contact you or your specified Electrician of what the ICP number is.

PRSL will then make any upgrades required on the network and connect your new service line or cable at the pole or pillar. When we have completed all the necessary work we will let Powerco know and they will authorise your retailer to liven the property.

4. Your Retailer Installs the Meter and Livens the Connection: Electricity retailers have contractors who are approved by Powerco to liven new connections once certain conditions have been met. For example, the connection to the network must have been done by a Powerco approved contractor, an ICP must be ready for the address, meters must be installed, and a Certificate of Compliance must be issued and signed by your electrician to certify that the site is electrically safe. Companies such as Power Services Wairarapa Ltd have inspectors who hang meters.

Request a quote below or if you have any queries please contact us. If you need an estimate or information on getting power to a property that you are thinking of purchasing contact us, we can help.